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Frankenstein Lives; Past, Present & Future

The origins of Frankenstein, from Jewish European folklore to movies  and modern cyborgs.

For Only a Fistful of Dollars

" In every film, there's a moment where the hero hits rock bottom". Dead Pool (2).

This is the story of how that began

Real Sex Reels In the Movies

How real, explicit sex in movies came, put its clothes back on and left fairly quickly. A very brief history of real sex in movies.

Hollywood at the 60's Crossroads (Part One)

Hollywood studios nearly closed the gates for good in the sixties, then a few films started to change everything.

The Great [Gatsby] Daisy

March 29 1974, The Great Gatsby opened in New York. The movie received mixed reviews and all players had some criticism, but only one career faltered as a result, that of Mia Farrow's.

Did Bruce Lee Save Hollywood?

Hollywood at The Crossroads, Part 2.

Was Bruce Lee Hollywood's saviour? Bruce Lee died in 1973 at age 32, but his legacy was trans-formative.


The Vietnam War Movie That Wasn't

Robert Altman's MASH was the first real Vietnam War movie and its cultural impact lives on.


As a kid growing up, you eventually learned that monsters weren’t real. After seeing Alien, you hoped that it was still true.

Louise Brooks

 “There is no Garbo! There is no Dietrich! There is only Louise Brooks!” A look at the inspirational LB. What made her stand out?

Beyond Orlando.

Spotlight on Sally Potter

Writer, Director, Choreographer and Musician. A look at the work of one of Britain's great expressionists film makers. Potter eschews political and sexual stereotypes.

Scorsese in Context. A Brief History of the Gangster Movie

Scorsese was critical of Marvel Movies, but given the context of his era, was he right? Here is a brief history of the gangster movie.

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